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2014-01-13 14:17:31 by vanguard182

Greetings. I have been inactive for some time now, and production has been sporadic, but with my college career soon coming to a close (at least for a while), I've been inspired to begin creating again. Hope you all enjoy


2010-06-06 21:07:49 by vanguard182

been a while, eh chaps? well my bad. pretty uneventful summer. love to hear what you guys are up to though. leave a comment if you love me.

-van card

hello hello

2010-01-13 15:05:46 by vanguard182

dear readers of my bulletins,

hi. i'm sorry i haven't written in quite a while. i missed you. now, if you're interested to hear what i have been doing of late, i rather planned to stop posting and making electronic music.

fortunately, i became involved in an unofficial audio contest, a deathmatch of sorts. i am currently in the third round (takes 5 rounds to win), and i am matched head to head with SessileNomad. he is one talented fellow, do check him out. much to my joy, the contest has reignited my motivation to create music to post to ng. hooray!

anyways, if you'd like to hear the songs i've submitted for the first two rounds, they are likely in that box of audio stuff that is directly above this. if they aren't then i don't know what to tell you. they were there last time i looked. they're named "things will get better (i promise)", and "forever and after". i'm also currently working on my song for this round, so it should be up in the next week or two.

i recently acquired a condenser mic, so you'll notice a lot less samples and a lot more original recording in my songs from now on. especially guitars. i hope you like it. if not, it's cool.

love to hear from you

yours truly,

tis the season

2009-10-29 00:55:41 by vanguard182

don't be a downer and check out my new song

Dreamer in the Dark

it's about hallucinating/dreaming as your brain dies. neat stuff! someone pointed out some point to me about it that i don't understand though. all you need to know is that my brain dying fantasy may not be medically accurate. anyways. cheers mates!

merry halloween

o hey

2009-09-21 22:08:42 by vanguard182


Something New

2009-09-10 16:04:38 by vanguard182

ok guys brace yourselves. i tried something different and i may be focusing more in that direction for a while. depends on what your guys' reaction is. anyways, if you're my friend you'll check it out. also people who are not my friends.



2009-09-06 02:08:50 by vanguard182


well there is a new song up. i may actually get around to writing lyrics and possibly recording some voice on this track, but that will come much later if it does. i have a girl who would like to sing over some of my stuff. anways. this song is a bit of a throwback. have at it

cheers mates

sup killaz

2009-08-15 23:15:03 by vanguard182

made a new song. went for an R&B feel this time. do check it out. /264486

PS - i just saw blink 182 live. :-D



2009-08-06 00:41:27 by vanguard182

why hello. hope you're all enjoying the summer while it lasts. a couple more weeks and i'm back to school in the great white north.

in the mean time, check out the Chrome Infinity channel on youtube for some short films, sketches, and comedy from the minds of Chris, Rusty, and Beau. trust me, they're some kool katz. the fmylife video is my fav so far.

PS - an excerpt from captain jackass is the chrome infinity theme song. even more reason to check it out. fo sho

happy summer

~ vahngaard

hey amigos

2009-07-02 18:14:40 by vanguard182

and i've finally managed to finish a new song! take a listen here. it's about that girl we have all (or will) eventually lose. sad stuff. but enjoy it anyways! also there is still that horrible cutoff at the end. don't know what to tell you folks, i've tried everything and no solution has yet been uncovered. until then, just pretend that the last note is pretty and rings for a few seconds. thanks for reading/listening, and have a great day