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2015 Submissions

_downhill_ Experimental Loop

2014 Submissions

U.F.O. [Extended] Hip Hop - Modern Song
U.F.O. 2- Vanguard182 Ft. DJDj Hip Hop - Modern Song
U.F.O. Hip Hop - Modern Song
_Lunar_ Hip Hop - Modern Song

2013 Submissions

WIP - irish New Wave Song

2012 Submissions

_Snooze_ House Song
_Cosmonaut_ New Wave Song
_Dreamwalker_ Techno Song
_Himalaya_ Dubstep Song

2010 Submissions

_Shits n Giggles in G Major_ Trance Song
_Drop V2_ R&B Song
_Swagger_ General Rock Song
_Harmonix_ Ambient Song
_Acoustix_ Ambient Song
_Rise_ New Wave Song
_Dies Irae_ Ambient Loop
_Forever and After_ General Rock Song
_I Promise_ New Wave Song
_Dreamer in the Dark_ Miscellaneous Song
_Song for a Friend_ Ambient Song
_Delirium_ Trance Song
_Starship!_ New Wave Song
_Starcrossed_ R&B Song
_Dawn's Aria_ Ambient Song
_Theme Orchestration 2009_ Hip Hop - Modern Song
_Captain Jackass_ Punk Song
_Drum Trax_ Drum N Bass Song
_Say Your Goodbyes_ New Wave Song
_Burn_ General Rock Song
_Overture_ New Wave Song
_Aubri's Song_ New Wave Song
_Liquid Sunshine_ New Wave Song
_Drop_ R&B Song
_Interlude_ Indie Song